Project update

Our chapter blog is growing. Click the projects link and you will see Wayne has updated information and photos. Looks great Wayne, thanks for the update!  Mike J


Welcome Chapter Members!

Well, a website is something we have discussed for some time now and I hope you all like the blog type format. I thought about it for a while and it seems to make the most sense. A blog should work well for the chapter because it becomes easier to leave comments from the members and if anyone would like to add information they can add it directly if they would like.

Please keep in mind the pages at the top will take some time to develop. My goal with this blog is to serve each and every member with information and articles that are enjoyable, meaningful, and useful. As the blog develops it’s important however that members also leave input and ideas that can make it a great experience for everyone.


At the next meeting I would like to take pictures of each member. Along with the photo op cards will be passed around for members to fill out. The cards will ask a series of questions that would help me in the Members page. Once the information is logged into the site I will then start to post pictures of members’ airplanes. For those of you who don’t own one I can post any picture you would like: everyone has a favorite airplane.

Beyond that I plan to start posting to the pages every week.  Mike Johnson